Susan Brownell Anthony Essay

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As people were living their lives there was a revolution happening an immense one. “The civil rights movement was the largest social movement of the 20th century in the United States.” (Scholastic go, Civil Rights Movement : An overview) The civil rights movement also persuaded the women and student rights movement. “Even though the civil war had officially abolished slavery, it didn't end discrimination against African Americans.” (, Civil Rights Movement) Many brave African American men and women served in the armed forces despite the segregation and discrimination held against them. The people in the armed in the armed forces pushed through the racism. They are heros and so are Viola Liuzzo, Bayard Rustin and Susan Brownell Anthony.
“Viola Liuzzo was inspired by the efforts of African Americans in the South to obtain the right to vote. SHe left her home in Detroit and participated in the Selma to Montgomery, Alabama march for African AMerican voting rights in 1965.” (, Viola …show more content…

Susan Brownell Anthony wasn’t only a civil rights activists but, she was an inspiration to females. “Anthony helped form the women’s State Temperance Society of New York.” (, Susan Brownell Anthony) Although Anthony was a strong women, she didn't always have the idea to be independent. “Susan's dad belonged to the Quakers. He encouraged Susan to think independently and to speak her mind.” (, Susan Brownell Anthony) Thanks to her dad, Anthony helped change society but, she didn’t just focus on women rights. “Although Anthony is best known from Women’s Suffrage, she also crusaded for other causes.” (, Susan Brownell Anthony) “In 1852, Anthony became active in the Temperance Movement, a national campaign to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol.” (, Susan Brownell Anthony) Susan Brownell Anthony changed society and gave women a chance to vote and to not give

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