Susan Brownell Anthony Essay

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Susan Brownell Anthony, a woman of abstinence, abolition, and African-American rights. A brave soul who took pride in trying to fight not only for her rights, but all of the fellow ladies and underprivileged people who did not really have a say. She was a kind woman who simply fought for what she believed in and those happened to be some of the most common human rights that we now have because of people like her. Rights to be payed the same. Rights to vote the same. Rights to live the same. A right to walk down the street and not be snared upon because she was a woman or because your skin color is different than others. A woman who knew the freedoms that she could release if she worked her hardest and never gave up on what she had so strongly…show more content…
She began going to anti-slavery conferences leading to her acquaintance with Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Anthony was also involved in the temperance movement, revolving around completely stopping the production and consumption to all alcoholic beverages. While working with this Susan became inspired to fight for women 's rights. This inspired her so much because once she was refused the chance to speak at a temperance convention because she was a woman. She then realized that if women wanted to be addressed in the political world she would need to make sure that all women would gain the right to vote. She wanted to make sure that all women would then have a voice, and not just be snared upon simply because looked at her as nothing more than a woman. After this wake up call, in 1852 Anthony and Stanton paired up and organized the New York State Temperance Society, along with the two fighting for women 's rights.The two together formed the New York State Woman 's Rights Committee. And later Anthony began petitioning for women the right to own property along with them gaining the right to vote. In 1856, she worked for an anti-slavery agency and fought for this until the civil war period then she could
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