Susan Brownell Anthony: Women's Rights Activist

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Susan Brownell Anthony once said “ The Older I get , the greatest power I seem to have to help the world; I s am a snowball - the further I am rolled the more I gain”(Stalcup 4).Susan Anthony- women rights leader. She fought for what she thought was right. She did her best and got what she wanted which was to given women the right to vote.

Susan Brownell Anthony was born February 15, 1820 in Adams , Massachusetts. She had four brothers and two sisters that survived to adulthood. She had both of her parents (Stalcup 8). She grew up in Battenville , New York. It’s about thirty-five miles away from Albany and about ten miles from the Hudson River (Barry 1). Susan’s childhood was of a Quaker. A Quaker is a religious group of that era in advanced treatment of woman (Stalcup 11). Susan’s education got cut short by her father’s businesses and the Panic of 1837. When she returned from boarding school. …show more content…

She learned that women don’t have much to say in things. It motivated her to campaign for women right’s (Barry 1). May of 1851, Susan got to go to Seneca Falls to attend an anti-slavery. While there she met other women rights’ leaders like Elizabeth Stanton. She found their arguments convincing. So, in a year she joined woman’s rights’ conventions (Stalcup 16) . From 1853 to 1856 she toured and lectured about women’s rights but in 1856 she reached back home exhausted but triumphant (Stalcup 61). Susan and Elizabeth called a meeting “The Loyal Women of the Nation” on May 14, 1863. They gathered women and came out of retirement to support the 13th Amendment (Stalcup 64). Her fears were confirmed The American Rights Association , which she joined , considered woman’s rights to be secondary to former slaves in 1866 (Barry 1). Until the Civil War, she was focusing on improving married women’s property rights. She got what she wanted the New York State legislature passed a law to let married women to own property (Barry

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