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In Susan Cain’s book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking she proves that introverts are vital to the world and everything typically thought of “the quiet ones” is wrong. She starts the book by introducing the idea of the introvert. This term is derived from psychologist Carl Jung who basically invented the personality test. When deciding on a name for different types of individuals, he called the more reserved people who gain their energy from being alone and are typically not very open introverts. These people are the listeners and thinkers as opposed to the more outgoing people who earned the name extroverts. In the second chapter, Cain identifies common misconceptions about introverts and disproves them. In one instance she debunks the common myth that introverts are not good…show more content…
In fact, in chapter 4 she touches on the function of the amygdala which serves as the brain’s emotional center as well as the reason children, adolescents and even adults behave the way they do. She also covers many psychological aspects of introversion versus extroversion. In covering topics such as: either’s temperament and personality, reward sensitivity as well as delaying gratification, and cognitive capacity, Cain reveals the nature and difference of introverts as well as their contrast to their extroverted counterparts. Cain even asks questions that center around society’s idealization of extroverts. In chapter nine she poses the question of when introverts should act more extroverted. Evidently being introverted in today’s society is not praised as much as being extroverted is. The main answer she gives to the question is whenever introverts feel as though the cause important. She introduces the idea of core personal projects which inspire the introvert enough to act out of character to get the job done and satisfy their need for
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