Susan Cain Speech Analysis

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Susan Cain: The power of introverts The speech about introverts by Susan Cain has a very effective introduction. It catches the audience attention right away. She describes a memory in her childhood related to the topic she will be talking about. She creates a mystery for the audience with the visual aid of a suitcase she is carrying around as she talks about a suitcase in her introduction. She uses humor to engage the audience with small remarks that are witty and smart, which helps the audience take her speech light heartedly.. The same way the audience in the room are impacted, it will impact the person watching the video. She makes the topic a mystery because she waits until the end of the introduction to say what it is. Mrs. Cain’s tone and rate is good because she is talking at a steady pace as she is explaining her visuals and it gives you time to picture the scenarios she is describing making it easy for us to understand her…show more content…
Cain ends her speech she emphasizes on three main points which do directly with what she was talking about. She reiterates her focus on what introversion is and defends it because not many people know what it is and may confuse it for shyness. She also ends on the note that not everyone is just either introvert or extrovert, she engages the audience to her conclusion because she lets us know that even if we are more extrovert than introvert, some part of us may be introvert. Her conclusion lets me know that her audience is not meant for only introverts or extroverts, it is meant for anyone who has ever felt shy or misunderstood for wanting to be alone from time to time. It is meant for those people who may be outgoing and may not understand why other people are not like them. In my opinion this speech may be meant for adults but it can also interest a younger generation. The way she does her speech it is easy to understand, it is interesting, engaging, with the use of many examples to give visuals to people of different
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