Susan Cain's The Power Of Introverts

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Society has made the world an extrovert’s paradise. Everywhere you turn, there is an opportunity for interaction. Without really even realizing that we do so, we tear down introverts and their ways of living. We make it exceptionally harder for introverts to truly be their selves. Susan Cain goes into more detail about how we do this and why we should change in her TED talk “The Power of Introverts.” The audience that Cain is reaching most likely introverts, however we all can learn to accept introverts and their unique ways. Cain establishes her credibility by discussing how she has always fallen toward the introverted end of the spectrum, and she has dedicated approximately seven years of her life to writing her book “The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.”…show more content…
On the first night at camp, she pulled out a book to read, and one of the “cooler” girls asked “Why are you being so mellow?” so she felt that she obligated to put the book away. A few days later when she makes an effort to read again, the camp counselor approaches her and advises her to be more outgoing and sociable. Cain states “I got the message that somehow my quiet and introverted style of being was not necessarily the right way to go, that I should be trying to pass as more of an extrovert.” This incident and others similar to it that caused Cain to learn to deny her introverted ways at a fairly young age; this lead her to becoming a Wall Street lawyer instead of the writer she had always longed to become. Cain isn’t the only person that has felt this way; the majority or people shame others for having introverted ways without realizing that they are doing so. We internalize this thinking at a young age, and this can cause introverted individuals to either become depressed or force them to feel the need to act like something they

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