Susan Hinton's That Was Then, This Is Now

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At only 17 years old Susan eloise hinton became one of the most successful authors of the 1960’s she broke the barriers of being a female writer by writing her award winning book the outsiders and is still one of the most popular writers of young adult fiction. Once published the outsiders gave her a lot of publicity and fame, and also a lot of pressure. She was becoming ¨the voice of the youth¨ The pressure of that title resulted in a 3 year writer 's block. Her boyfriend (and now, her husband),who had gotten sick of her being depressed all the time, eventually broke this block. He made her write two pages a day if she wanted to go anywhere. This eventually led to “That Was Then, This Is Now” (S.e hinton biography) . After getting through…show more content…
While she was a junior in high school her father was diagnosed with cancer (encyclopedia of world biography). To help deal with her father 's diagnosis she wrote the book the outsiders. Not much else is known about her personal life because she chooses not to make it public. Presently she is still writing and living in tulsa with her husband David Inhofe. Her next book was Rumble fish which was published in 1975 it was the shortest novel she had published and it received a lot of contrasting opinions. Some saying that they believed it would be the last book hinton wrote. Little did they know hinton would soon write another smashing hit book

One of last books that the iconic s.e hinton would write was tex. It was one of her most raved about books. It received many great reviews talking about how her writing had matured since her first book the outsiders (s.e hinton biography).She didn 't write another book for 9 years. Within the nine year interval between her book tex and taming the star runner she spent her time advising on the set of several film adaptations of her book (encyclopedia of world biography). She also wrote the screenplay for the film version of rumble fish. Rumble fish was officially published in 1968 and 4 years later tex came
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