Summary Of The Susan Wright Case

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Susan Wright Case
Susan Lucille Wright born April 24, 1976 is an American woman from Houston, Texas, who made headlines in 2003 for stabbing her husband, Jeff Wright, 193 times and then burying his body in their backyard. on Monday, January 13, 2003, Susan Wright, 26, tied her husband Jeff Wright, 34, to their bed and stabbed him at least 193 times with two different knives. Following the incident, she dragged his body to the backyard of their home and buried him. In an attempt to clean up the crime, she tried painting the walls of the bedroom. She also went to the police station the following day to report a domestic abuse incident and obtained a restraining order against Jeff, in order to explain his disappearance. Just five days later, on
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I didn't want to die." She testified that on the night of the murder, Jeff Wright was on a cocaine binge and was violent. The prosecutor, Kelly Siegler, had a completely different portrayal of Wright than her defense attorney. Siegler said Wright's tears were faked for the jury's benefit. The prosecution presented an unusual demonstration by bringing the Wrights' actual bed into the courtroom. In Siegler’s eyes, Wright seduced her husband, tied him to the bed, stabbed him, and buried him in the backyard in order to obtain his life insurance money. After five and a half hours of deliberations, on March 3, 2004, Wright was convicted of murder. She was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Her conviction was upheld in 2005 by the Fourteenth Court of Appeals of Texas. With a re-appeal in 2008, a new witness presented her story of abuse, the ex-fiancee of Jeff Wright. In 2009, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals granted Wright a new sentencing and determined Wright’s “counsel rendered ineffective assistance during the punishment phase of the trial.” On November 20, 2010 her original sentence of 25 years was lowered to 20, and she will be eligible for parole in
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