Susan Sontag's Quote Analysis

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The quote by Susan Sontag really opened my eyes to what beauty is considered as today. In the quote she’s saying that the way beauty is in society today, is that you have to look a certain way in order to be beautiful. It made me question the amount of women and young girls that actually feel this way. There is actually a wide variety of reasons that girls, boys, women, or men feel the need to change the way they look due to social media, magazines, beauty products, and many more. They think they have to change to be beautiful but the only change they need to make, is the way they think about themselves.
In today’s society this is relevant to women or men getting plastic surgery to look a certain way, either from people in magazines, or from people on TV. Whether it be facial features or body features, people never seem to be happy with themselves, due to social media. More specifically pictures of people looking the way most of everyone in society wants to look. Pictures of slim waist, petite nose, large lips, or even a bigger bottom. This presses people to want that in order to be attractive to others, or to feel wanted. Although barbie dolls seem harmless to the mind of children or adults, women and men are
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Women use beauty products to manipulate their faces into something that they think would make them beautiful; they see the women in beauty commercials promoting the makeup, and see how beautiful it makes them look, which intrigues women that see this to buy the makeup and hope it’ll give them the same effect. Wearing the makeup makes them feel more confident and attractive, which they’re really isn’t anything wrong with using makeup a lot of women use it, but most women are using it because they feel as if they’re not pretty enough for society. They cover up their insecurities and what makes them who they are, all because of how the commercials make their makeup testers
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