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1. What was the reading about? What new information did it provide?
Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki mentions that the gospel texts reveal about the love of Jesus and the love Jesus calls others to manifest. The scripture texts mention Jesus as one who breaks all walls that divide humans under certain categories or label them with captions. In other words, if we are able to see God’s love manifest in the love of Christ, we would be able to understand the love of God too. On the other hand, Burton Z. Cooper states that “God has acted in Christ to redeem us.” This satisfies Jesus’ claim that our faith in Christ will help us be one in Christ as he is one in the Father, as mentioned in John 14:20.
It is fascinating to note Suchocki’s words “Letting go of one world, he must participate in the creation of another.” Though this statement would mean different in the context of Simon and the prostitute, in the current context, this would deal with more than having accepted Jesus Christ, and being made new in him. This would mean to suggest that one understands the truth about Jesus as not only the Son of God, but in the current context, as one who died for the sins of the world, because God’s love is manifested in him and through his death, and that he is the risen Christ to this day. Furthermore, if one understands Jesus to be alive, he or
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I am also curious to know if God can save Godself, because reflecting on the words of Jesus on the cross, would it wrong to say that God the Father had left God the Son to die on the cross? With this claim, God could save Jesus because they were separate, distinct and different as they are the persons of the

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