Susanna Kason Character Analysis

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Even though the above diagnostic criteria is for the twenty-first century we can see clearly that Susanna Kayson, even based on today’s standards, still meets the criteria. Under Criteria 1 – Susana feels abandoned by her parents, she was used as an attraction at her father’s birthday party but not cared for. She was dropped at a family friend’s house who was a former psychiatrist and had her belongings dropped off by her mother who wouldn’t so much as speak to her before she was sent off to a mental institute. The parent’s admit during the session at the hospital that they showed very little concern for her by dragging her across the country strapped to a board because they didn’t want to miss out on a vacation. In the movie Susanna and Lisa become great friends, when Lisa does not return to the ward after the meeting with…show more content…
For Instance toward the end of the book, we don’t see this in the movie, Susanna stops to look at a painting, she is seventeen so we have gone back in time to recall this memory. As she stops to look at the painting she says “I looked into her brown eyes and recoiled. She as warning me of something-she had looked up from her work to warn me. Her mouth was slightly open, as if she had just drawn a breath in order to say to me, “Don’t!” I moved backward, trying to get beyond the range of her urgency. But her urgency filled the corridor. Wait,” she was saying “wait! Don’t go!”” (Kaysen. 1994. Girl, Interrupted). This experience occurs before Kayson says she “Went Crazy.” (Kaysen. 1994. Girl, Interrupted). She speaks with the boyfriend about possibly killing herself every time something goes wrong showing that she has a truly morbid sense of reality. As for dissociative behaviors, the only thing that I can see her doing is when she flashes to memories while in the middle of a conversation. It is as though she is avoiding the difficult situation by going somewhere
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