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Sushi Express


Unlike Sakae Sushi, that charges their sushi according to the different plate colours (colour plates sushi are at $1.90, while premium red plates are at $5.90.), Sushi Express have standardised colours with each plate costing SGD1.50 each, excluding GST & service charge. Which is a fairly affordable cost for majority of Singaporeans, especially for those who just wants to go there have their brunch or satisfy their cravings for sushi. Additionally, green tea is complimentary and placed conveniently on the table, which is another small saving for the customers, especially those Singaporeans that likes to scrimp and save cost. Therefore, this factor contributes to the long queues at Sushi Express, especially during dinner
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In the past, I would do the sums in my brain and deliberate if I should have the five-slice salmon at S$5.90 a plate or grab the inari sushi at S$2.30." "Remember, fuss free and speed are keys to this restaurant's survival and the waiter / waitress in charge of your section would inform you immediately upon you are seated that there is no menu and you can take anything you want on the conveyor belt"

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Therefore, these strengths of Sushi Express contributes to the increasing number of consumers since not only is their service fast and efficient, their food is cheap as well. Furthermore, they occasionally have promotions such as extending their bigger than usual sashimi portion during a limited time period, at a same price of SGD1.50 per plate! Comparing Sakae Sushi and Sushi Express, customers are more likely to dine at Sushi Express if they only wants to have sushi only, since Sushi Express provides a more affordable yet acceptable quality of food.

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In Sakae Sushi, customers have a diverse menu to choose from, such as Sushi platter, Sashimi salads, Temaki, Ramen, Tempura etc. etc. Whereas for Sushi Express case, they only serve the common types of sushi, such as Tamago, Sashimi, Unagi, etc. etc. However, they do sell miso soup upon the request of the customer, but there is only one type, compared to Sakae Sushi which serves soups such as Mushroom Chicken Soup and Asari Miso Soup. Hence, this could be a reason why some customers would rather dine in Sakae Sushi as they prefer a more variety of options to choose from, since what Sushi Express offers could not meet with their expectation and

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