Sushi History

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For my Independent study, I will be talking about sushi. Sushi is a roll of seaweed, rice, and fish, vegetables or both. It is a favorite dish in Japan. But it wasn't invented in Japan. I will be covering: the history of sushi, what sushi is, wow it is made, types of sushi, bizarre types of sushi, famous sushi chefs, the most challenging sushi to make, and fun facts.

The history of sushi begins in China. Believe it or not, sushi didn't originate from Japan. Sushi originated from China in the second century. The idea of sushi came about when the Chinese were trying to preserve fish. They placed the fish on top of rice and enabled the fish ferment. Then they threw away the rice and ate the fish whenever they pleased. This idea spread all around
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He discovered that he didn't have to wait years to make sushi. He seasoned the rice with rice wine vinegar. This new kind of fermenting process enabled people to eat sushi right away. Which makes us think, sushi may not be what we believe.

Sushi isn't actually what most people think it is. Most people think sushi is raw fish, but as a matter of fact, it's fermented fish. The process of fermenting takes a long time. It takes about three years. But there is a way to make the process faster. Place fish in a plastic bag with salt. Then let it dry. The fish takes about a year to dry. Then place the fish on the rice. It supposedly takes less time to ferment. After the fermenting, it's time to make the sushi.

These are the essential ingredients and tools to make sushi. The first ingredient is sushi rice, which is a sticker than regular rice. The next component is nori, which is a particular kind of seaweed cut into rectangles. For sushi, you have the choice of fish, vegetables, or both. The first tool required to make sushi is a Bamboo Rolling Mat. Next, you will need saran wrap to place on top of the rolling mat. A wooden spoon or rice paddle is also required. The final ingredient is a sushi knife or a sharp knife. Knowing all the elements, we need to make sushi; it's time to learn the
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Usually, sushi doesn't smell very fish. It also usually doesn't have a fishy aftertaste. You can also find out if sushi has gone bad if it has been left in the fridge for over a day. Now that we know a lot of information about sushi, why don't we learn about fun facts.

The first fun fact about sushi is that it takes 10 years to become a sushi chef. Another fact is that the term sushi means sour tasting. Did you know, sushi knives are sharpened every day? Sushi has always been a cosmopolitan food. Cosmopolitan means mundane with countries and cultures. This taught us all we need to know about sushi.

Sushi is a very popular food in Japan. Although it originated in China. Sushi came about from a method of preserving fish and turned into the food we all know and most love today. There a lot of sushi rolls and some can be pretty bizarre. But before you eat one of the many sushi rolls, make sure it is safe to

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