Susie X Case Study Essay

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Case: Susie X
Susie had back surgery two years ago to fix a birth defect in her lower back that was causing some numbness in her foot. The numbness was making it difficult to stably walk, stand on her feet for her job, and drive. This surgery was going to improve her daily functioning and life in general. She had this surgery a year ago. Surgery was followed by another immediate surgery to back out a screw that had gone too far and into a nerve, followed by a stay at a rehabilitation facility, followed by a stay at a family members home and finally back home. She never got the relief of symptoms that the surgery was supposed to alleviate. In fact, she is now permanently in a wheel chair and needing assistance with some of her daily functions due to the surgery leaving both legs numb and in pain where she could feel them. She has to deal with anxiety, depression and chronic pain as well as not being able to walk, work, or drive
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Symptom Characteristics Pre-surgery, Susie suffered from numb toes and pain down her leg, post-surgery Susie lost the use of her legs and suffered from extreme pain in her legs and hip and numb lower legs. Pre-surgery her symptoms are an annoyance and post-surgery she was in a wheelchair and unable to walk or stand, drive and work. She suffered 24/7 with pain and medication only briefly lessening the pain.

6. Conceptualization of disease: The 5 components
a. Initial diagnosis was birth defect in lower spine, post surgery diagnosis is damaged nerves caused by surgery
b. Symptoms started 2 years ago, surgery happened 1 ½ years ago, move to California 1 year ago.
c. Cause was determined to be birth defect then surgery mishap when screw penetrated nerves during surgery.
d. Susie’s consequence of the disease is her loss of mobility and independence, intolerable pain and suffering.
e. Susie believed her behavior had nothing to do with her medical condition and wouldn’t influence her

Treatment and Receiving Medical

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