The Pros And Cons Of Torture And Bombing

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Torture the Bombing Suspect This is hugely debated topic among many us citizens. There have been many movies and books written about torture that their effects of it. Whether torturing is good or bad is in the eyes of the person doing the torturing and the one who is receiving the torture. As I write this paper, there is a movie that comes to mind by the name of Unthinkable. The movie stars Samuel L. Jackson as one of the main characters, in which he plays a retired military torturer who is brought out of his suburban life back into the field when a suspected bomber has been arrested. The bomber has claimed to have some bombs around the city that are set to go off in a matter of hours, and it is up to him to torture the locations from the…show more content…
Evidence received from these terrorists, are most of the time, time-sensitive. Obtaining information can be used in a variety of ways. Either the military can manipulate the information it to their advantage or use the information to save lives. More than likely, if the future attack is on United States soil, they will do everything in their power to prepare for the attack or prevent the catastrophe. Torturing of terrorists gives military and police personnel the necessary means to get sensitive information in a timely manner. Aside from being an information retriever, some people believe that torture can be used as an extra form of punishment for those that they believe death would be too swift and easy. In the eyes of many, torture is still seen as an important tool. Sometimes, interrogators do not ask all the right questions to get the entire truth out of an individual. With torture, the person being tortured tends to give up more information that was currently inquired by the interrogator. This often leads to more information that to locations of items and…show more content…
We have good reason to believe that person who called is serious about the threat because there has been recent bombing activity in the past couple of weeks. The bombing themselves have been getting bigger with every new bomb, so the fact that the bombers aid that the next one will level about ten square blocks is a realistic threat, even though it is clearly bigger and more powerful than anything before it. Another key note to think about is that the suspected bomber in the previous calls would leave a location as to where the bomb would go off. This last call didn’t mention a

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