The Martian Analysis

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The Martian is a book full of science fiction, suspense, and page-turning excitement. It also has lots of humor, and makes anyone who reads it laugh a lot. Mark Watney is trapped on Mars with a few hundred days of food and water. He also does not have any communication with Earth or his crew, and the next mission to Mars is four years away, and will take too long to get there. The theme of the story is the difficulty and isolation of being left alone. He is trapped and tries to escape. This book is about a man trapped on Mars, and the struggle he faces to survive. There are many elements of this story, but there are two that were the most enjoyable were: suspense and character development. This story makes more sense when learning more about…show more content…
The best element though, is suspense. One example is near the end, when Mark is trying to get to the ship to bring him home. ‘I’m on a ship with no control panel, that’s as much as I can tell you’. This shows suspense, because it is a matter of life or death. Another time this book shows suspense is when he is told that he is being sent into space in a ship without windows. “You’re sending me into space in a convertible. There will be HAB [an inflatable balloon-like house for other planets] canvas attached to the holes. It will provide enough aerodynamics in Mars’s Atmosphere. So it’s a ragtop, much better” (Weir 330). This shows suspense, because this is about to be the most dangerous thing that he has ever done in his entire life. These are only some examples of all of the suspense that fills the…show more content…
Andy Weir has led an interesting life, and absolutely loved science as a kid. Watney also does not have any communication with Earth or his crew, and the next mission to Mars is far away, and will take too long to get there before he runs out of food. This story also helped the reader really know Mark Watney, and that he is a funny person. This story is filled with action, adventure and humor that makes the reader laugh out loud while reading the story, and makes the reader never want to get my nose out of the
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