Suspense And Conflict Essay

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Many well-written works of literature rely on suspense and conflict. One problem can be the main root for the entire story, and in fact, conflict is usually what drags the reader in. They add more tension and anticipation and help the author get more reactions out of the reader. Conflict can help a story be far more entertaining and tense to read. It keeps the narrative fresh and addictive, leaving the reader wanting to read more and learn how the conflict was resolved, or if it ever was. For example, in the infamous tale of Midas the King, Midas generously takes in one of Dionysius lost satyrs, Silenus and takes care of him for ten days. On the eleventh day, he brought Silenus back to Dionysius in Lydia. Dionysius offered King Midas a wish of his choice, and Midas asked that whatever he would touch, would turn into gold. Midas was happy with his new power, but not for long. When he got back home and ordered for dinner to be served, he found that whenever he tried to touch his meal, it would turned to gold. Midas then regretted…show more content…
If it’s bland and boring, readers will surely stop reading it, not being able to keep their focus on the bland writing. In the myth of Narcissus, a narcissistic hunter who disdained those who loved him, he was cursed by Nemesis for being too self-absorbed. He treated those he thought were beneath him horribly. When Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, noticed his behavior, she lured him to a pool, where he saw his own reflection, and fell in love. After noticing the “love of his life” was merely his reflection, he lost all will to live, and spent his days looking at the reflection, until he died. The theme in this myth is to not be so self-centered, and to appreciate those who care about you. The conflict is centered around Narcissus’ narcissism, which leads him to break himself apart and waste his years, longingly staring at his
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