Suspense In Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air

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Stranded, the storm left many deceased and those who survived, barely made it out live.Jon Krakauer the author of Into Thin Air lived this experience first hand.Ever since a kid Jon Krakauer wanted to climb Everest. Finally, he gets his chance but things don’t go as expected. This book is a great read and it will leave you wondering how the author survived in these horrid conditions. Suspenseful and thrilling, Jon's survival makes this book a must-read. Into Thin Air takes you through the first hand experiences of Jon Krakauer on Mount Everest conquering his dreams step by step. The book creates great suspense with sensory details and it gives readers the chance to decide what's going to happen next. On top of the mountain, the climbers separate into groups and the suspense builds as the climbers start to tire and lose oxygen. There are four camps on Everest and reaching them is vital to the climbers survival. Not realizing what's gonna happen, the climbers continue to ascend up the mountain, hoping to reach the top before time runs out but nothing can save them from the storm approaching their way. As the storm approaches the suspense heightens and when it finally reaches Everest they realize they are too late.
The suspense and word choice in Into Thin Air is exhilarating and leaves you on the edge of your seat, wanting to read more.Jon
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Many books claim to have suspense and most do, but they do a poor job of balancing it out. Jon Krakauer does a great job of balancing out slow, factual evidence, and action or suspense. ¨The ration of misery to pleasure was greater by an order of magnitude than any other mountain I'd been on.¨ (Krakauer 140) In this quote Jon explains the amount of pain and misery on Everest compared to the amount of gratification. Furthermore, the quote builds suspense and leaves the climbers wondering if finishing the climb is worth all the hard fought days and nights clambering up the 29,029 foot tall
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