Suspense In 'Live To Tell And The Interlopers'

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Suspense in live to tell and the interlopers The two stories “live to tell” chapter two and “the interlopers” both stories have suspense so the end of the story is ironic. And the both have real interesting endings of the sort’s stories. “Live to tell” was mad by Lisa Gander and “the interlopers was written by Saki. In the beginning of the story, of “live to tell” chapter two, on the first page when he says “I’m thirsty” she asks “what would you like?” He answers not sounding angry “woman bring me a drink, or I’ll break your fucking face. It is ironic to me because he is like tacitly forcing her to give him something to drink and he so saying it in a bad tone and being rude and she says that he is not angry but I feel that he is cause of
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