Suspense In Tell-Tale Heart And The Monkey's Paw

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Death approached Herbert white and that poor old man . You should always be careful what you wish for, and who you trust. You never know what you can do when you have things in your hand perhaps a paw or even a lantern, you just never know ! Trust me fear, suspense, surprise and mystery occurred a lot in “ Tell-Tale Heart”and “The Monkey's Paw” . Wouldn't you like to know, but remember be careful who you trust. “ Mwuhahahaha “
Let's start with the suspense in “Tell Tale heart “, the author said that he loved the old man ( pg.89) but then he decided that he was going to kill him . This builds suspense because u wondering if he is joking , you're wondering if he really is going to kill him . I don't know about you but i would want to go on to
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not the type with monsters and wolves , but the kind with bad things happening and cold blood killing . In the story “ The Tale Tale Heart “ The scariest scene wa when he killed the old man . He described everything he did in complete detail . He killed the old man so quick and easy . This is why you should be careful who you trust ! In : The Monkey’s Paw “ when Mr.white's son had been killed , and they received an compensation 200 pounds , it gives u an impression that the paw is dangerous , it definitely put fear in Mrs. white's heart . Back to the story “ Tell Tale Heart “ when the neighbor had called the police because they heard a loud shriek. It Is fearing because u dont know if he’s going to go to jail . It Builds fear and…show more content…
Who kills someone just because of their physical appearance ? that is a surprise . (ph.89) In “ The Monkey’s Paw “ when their son is killed they get a compensation of $200 . This is a surprise because it’s like the son died , because of the wish . Also in “ The Monkey’s Paw “ when mr. smith had his last wish which was for death and then the knocking at the door stopped. It’s a surprise because why didn’t he want his son to be alive again ? Why would he wish for him not to be alive .
Last But not least , this story contained mystery. In “ Tell Tale Heart “ there's a mystery . why was the old man's eye so significant to the author . So significant that he had to kill him. “ It was not the old man who vexed me but it was the evil eye “ . In “ The Monkey’s Paw “ after he has made the wish .. Who was knocking at the door ? Readers never knew if it was their son or just the wind because the knocking siezed . The last Mystery is in the story “ Tell Tale Heart “ “The first man had his three wishes. Yes,” was the reply; “I don’t know what the first two were, but the third was

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