47 Meters Down: Movie Analysis

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Have you ever been stuck 47 Meters Down on the ocean floor with hungry sharks swarming around you? I’m sure that most people haven’t but in this movie that I am reviewing that is what happens. 47 Meters Down is a good movie and I would suggest watching it. This is a movie for people who enjoy thrillers and shark movies. I would rank this movie as one of the best thrillers that I have watched. There are many reasons to watch 47 Meters Down such as a good sense of suspense, eye catching visuals, a good introduction, and a great main idea.
This thriller movie known as 47 Meters Down is filled with sharks and dangers at every turn. This movie has many parts that are suspenseful and keep you on the edge of your seat. If you are a person that likes thriller movies then you will like this movie because it is full of suspense. There are many parts of the movie that are very detailed and you can see how they can foreshadow what will happen later. “This all starts when a girl gets dumped by her boyfriend on the eve of a big Mexican vacation because she is apparently too boring. Lisa (Mandy Moore)
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There are large sharks lurking around their cage when all of the sudden it snapped and they fall to the ocean floor. Also, they are running out of air, since they are so deep they use a lot more, so they begin hallucinating and having problems with air supply and swimming. “As they fight their way back to the top, they shortly run out of oxygen.” (Bobb, 2017). Kate gets out of the cage and begins to swim around which is when the intense music starts and the shark chase that helps build the suspense. Kate swims up 7 meters to resume communication with the captain who tells her that someone will be coming down with a spare winch to pull them up. They have been warned to stay in the cage away from danger. This proves that 47 Meters Down is a great movie to watch if you like suspense and

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