Suspense In The Shining

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The most critical part of a horror movie, is the suspense. The Shining did a satisfying job when it came to each scene, having its own little twist. These little twists added up in the end to make the film as striking as possible. With these little twists in mind it brings an example out from the movie. This is shown by the scene in which, the little boy named Danny is in his bathroom talking to his invisible friend Tony, in which lives in Danny’s mouth. While talking to Tony, a clip of the elevators in the hotel open up with blood pouring out of the doors. Watching this scene, an unsettling feeling appears that something climatic may happen very soon in the film. Another scene that is well done with suspense is when the twin girls are appearing in Danny’s dreams. By not knowing exactly who these girls are you get another sense of something climatic about to happen within the movie. When movie scenes add little attention grabbers, it tends to catch the attention of the audience to be engaged with the movie. However, horror movies need the suspense in order to be considered a horror film. Although, suspense needs certain conditions in order to build a foundation for the film to be based upon.
In addition, to having suspense comes the effects that put a major impact on the movie. When it comes to The Shining, the effects move the story along. Whether it is the sound or visual effects. One good example of visual effects is, the scene where the elevators are opening with blood
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