Suspense In The Sniper

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Suspense is a feeling of excitement or being anxious. The suspense of this story is that it is at Night, and that It is Occurring at time of civil war. He Created Suspense when he smoked a cigarette. He also kills the old lady and the Free state sniper. Then He gets Curious, and Goes Back, Then Realizes that he shot and killed his brother. By setting the story on a rooftop, in the middle of a Civil war at Night, in Dublin, Ireland ,near the O'Connell bridge the author makes both the Republican Sniper and the reader tense and concerned. This Creates suspense, because It Is at night, when he can't see the enemy and in the middle of a civil war, where you don't know who you are shooting at, and fighting your own country. The Point of View of…show more content…
The Plot of this story is Exposition, rising action, climax, falling actions, and resolution. The Exposition of the story is in Dublin, Ireland.It is at night and the sniper is on a rooftop in the middle of a civil war. Some of the Rising actions are the enemy shoots at the sniper, then a armored car goes down the street. After the old lady comes into the street to snitch on the sniper and tells the gunner in the armored car where the sniper lies. The sniper has no choice and shoots and kills old lady and gunner, only to get shot by the enemy and he faked his death. The peak is when the republican sniper kills the free stater sniper. Next is the republican sniper sees the enemy sniper fall off roof and decides that he is going to run to try to see who he killed. At the end of the story, he finds out that he has just killed his own brother. This created suspense because you never know what’s going to happen next. Liam O Flaherty uses many techniques to create suspense in his story ‘’The Sniper’’. The interesting setting, third person point of view, and detailed plot all combined to create a story that keeps the reader involved and interested, but also expressed the theme of the story, which is that war breaks up, and separates
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