Suspense In Visions

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The movie Visions is a Horror film that tells of a couple, newly pregnant Eve and her husband Daniel, that just moved into a new house in wine country. The move was stimulated by a recent car crash Eve was involved in, which unfortunately resulted in the death a newborn baby in the other car. Eve feels terrible about the crash takes it upon herself to bear the blame, even though it was proved the crash wasn 't her fault. All of this leads to Eve falling into a deep depression which then results in her being put on heavy anti depressants. Eve However, fights out of this bitter state by deciding to get pregnant, get off her medication and move to a new place. At this point of the movie Their new life is going great in their new house until Eve…show more content…
She’s tells her friends, husband and doctor but no one believes her except her friend Sadie. Then one day the visions stop, however they eventually start up again which leads eve to investigate their cause by tracking down the first owners of the house. They too say that they had experience strange visions and events at their former home. All of this leads to a very bloody conclusion in their home, which leaves 6 people dead in cold blood. The movie uses suspense and surprise throughout the film to keep the viewer entertained and anticipating what could possibly happen next. Visions uses both suspense and surprise effectively throughout the entirety of film, as any good horror film does. Surprise is an element of film that 's meant to cause intense startlement of the viewer. This technique a lot of times defines the movie as horror and certainly in the case of Visions. Surprise is one of the most effective ways a movie can put instantaneous fear in the viewer and make them “jump”. An example of surprise is when Eve walks in on Helena, standing at the foot of her bed chanting what seems like a demonic spell. It immediately puts the viewer and Eve in a state of confusion and terror. The audience only expected Helena to simply be
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