Suspense In W. F. Harvey's Horror Story 'August Heart'

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Horror stories generally and naturally scare people, but that doesn’t mean that the story is that frightening. The stories get into people’s nerves and they start thinking deep inside about what can happen, but not necessarily about the story, they start thinking about themselves and their live. Sometimes the horror stories are not scary like monstrous and ghosts, they are realistic and several people can identify themselves with the story. Writers uses smart ways to keep readers reading. It needs a good and smart critical thinking to write down the facts and certain events. W.F. Harvey’s story “August Heart” is a horror story that creates suspense. Following the plot it might be questions, but they are unanswerable. It absorbs a little of confusion and fear on what can happen. Foreshadowing, suspense and mystery are some of the ways that W.F. Harvey uses to create suspense in the story of the August Heart. W.F. Harvey uses suspense in his story by adding different events in the plot. The writer creates suspense “ withholding information from the reader-for…show more content…
The plot of the story is increasing on the way that is getting scarier and scarier. This story is like a graph that is only increasing and it nevers goes down. The mystery of the story was that both characters have never met each other before, but the scary part was that one of them knew how one man looked like and the other one knew how the name of the other man. It happened like if someone was behind their minds and was controlling them so they could meet each other and show to each other how they had been thinking and imagining to themselves a person that they thought it was part of their imagination. “I told him of my morning’s work. I took the sketch from my pocket and showed it to him. As he looked, the expression of his face altered until it became more and more like that of the men I had drawn” (W.F.
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