Suspension Of Disbelief In Theatre

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“Suspension of disbelief” is an essential feature of theatre. Is it essential in other areas of knowledge? Develop your answer with reference to two areas of knowledge.
Suspension of disbelief is a concept that resides within every individual however not everyone is aware of its presence. In theater, the concept refers to the suspension of realism that allows one to emerge in pretend-reality in order to enjoy the story. For example, in a play that involves magic, the audience must suspend their disbelief in magic for the sake of enjoyment, thus making them suspend realism. Suspension of disbelief exists not only within the boundaries of a theater, moreover, it exists throughout life. Many suspend their disbeliefs unknowingly in order to find justification in ethics and peace in religion. As human beings, we oftentimes put our wants above our rationality and act impulsively to get the results we want, even if it means the suspension of our moralities. In some cases, every now and then, we act on instincts and desires despite our actions going against our morals but to what extent do individuals subconsciously rely on the concept of suspension of disbelief in order to justify their immoral actions? It is the core of human nature to crave accomplishments and the feel-good state of being. Therefore, on many occasions, individuals suspend their disbelief of righteous moralities to subsequently pursue their desired yet manipulated ending. People who do drugs are fine examples
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