Suspension Should Not Be Discipline Measure In Primary Schools

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Suspension should not be disciplinary measure in primary schools. Teachers need an alternative for disciplinary measures in primary schools. Students in primary schools all over the world are getting suspended as a discipline for non-disciplinary reasons. These reasons for suspension can explain a lack of understanding future work and assignments because students and parents are not able to control the amount they get done at home. Teachers and students have noticed that suspension gives students a break from school rather than displaying the difficulty of working outside of the classroom (Ferguson, C 2012). Over the past five years in NSW, 35 percent of primary school students have been sent home for misbehaving. From this, 12,922 students were sent home for longer than 4 days at a time (Department, E 2017,). A principal from one of many NSW schools stated…show more content…
Students don’t use their time outside of class correctly due to parents not being there to contribute to the students out of school activities. Students will struggle to concentrate in school once coming back from suspension because they have missed out on class activities and also haven’t been able to participate in group tasks that might help them focus and contribute to their grade. Parents also need to contribute to the discipline, but cannot because of them working and also not being able to help the student with the work and understanding of the discipline. Suspending a student should not be a disciplinary measure in primary schools because it can affect their school work, by not giving them the support they need to continue on working in a school class environment as home life and doesn’t help their parents with communicating to their child about the incorrect behaviours due to parents not being able to help support their

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