Pepsico's Water Crisis

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Planet. Nowadays, our planet faces a lot of crisis such as limited freshwater, climate change due to greenhouse gas emission, waste pollute land and sea, and unsustainable agricultural practices. The PepsiCo become one of the company that stand out and pay their responsibility in protecting our planet. According to PepsiCo Sustainability Report 2016 (2017), the biggest consumer of freshwater is the private sector and the agriculture together with industry use the greatest amount of freshwater. PepsiCo as a company that operating at the intersection of food and water, water stewardship is one of the company’s top priorities. The company focus their water strategy on the local watershed where the company operate. The company objective is to…show more content…
According to PepsiCo Sustainability Report 2016 (2017), programs funded by PepsiCo Foundation together with its partners had provide more than 11 million of people around the world to access to safe water. For climate change, PepsiCo encourage industry and governments should work together and taking science-based action to limit the rise in global temperature no more than 2˚ Celsius above preindustrial levels. In order to duel with climate change, PepsiCo focus their actions on reducing the company’s carbon footprint by reducing emission in agricultural supply chain, increase the use of recyclable materials in packaging, and upgrade the company’s vending and cooling equipment to HFC-free technology. Besides, the company also take actions like operate on site energy generation, fleet fuel, and purchased electricity. For example, in 2016, the PepsiCo launched a power purchase agreement which supply 73% of its power from wind energy (PepsiCo Sustainability Report 2016 2017). PepsiCo also pay attention to prevent…show more content…
PepsiCo also pay attention in society issue around the world such as inequalities in income and opportunity, High unemployment rates, and skill gaps related to technology. Among these factors, PepsiCo focus their efforts in agriculture areas which unjust labour practices and human rights violations often occur. PepsiCo encourage that industry should respect to human rights and work to advance the quality of life of the workers that contribute to its products and services. PepsiCo plays their responsibility in the company’s human rights performance and the aim of the company is to ensure the human rights of people in the company’s business, value chain and communities. At the PepsiCo’s board level, the company’s public policy and sustainability committee is used assist the board to oversight the human rights. At PepsiCo, the company ensure that the Code of Conduct and Human Rights Workplace Policy is suitable for all the company’s employees, members of the board, and the company’s joint ventures. Besides, in order to work together to ensure human right together with the company’s suppliers, PepsiCo also apply the Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC) which are suitable for all company’s suppliers and people who cooperate with the company’s businesses. In agriculture areas, PepsiCo launched the program Sustainable Farming Initiative (SFI) which help the company’s direct growers to optimize economic, social and environmental on-farm practices and outcomes. In order to

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