Sustainability In Society

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JEBET KIPLAGAT ID NO. 268341 SUSTAINABITY AND NATURAL RESOURCES MARIA ÅKERMAN QUESTION: WHAT ARE THE MAIN THEORIES AND DEBATES ABOUT “SUSTAINABILITY” WHAT WOULD A SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY LOOK LIKE? Introduction Sustainability was first introduced in the UN document “Our Common Future”, it has since gathered a huge debate on its true definition which seems to escape many, but however it has a broad known meaning. Sustainability is the promotion of human wellbeing while simultaneously conserving the environment. I have come to understand sustainability as using today’s resources in a manner that will ensure that our future generations also get to use the same resources, we have to be very keen in the usage of the resources so as to ensure they are not depleted. The economy and social justice must be taken into consideration when dealing with sustainability. The natural resource problems are characterized by complexity and messiness, resulting in a view of complexity when thinking about sustainability. To properly address sustainability, the understanding of the main theories and debates of sustainability. Sustainability Science In defining sustainability, there are two primary themes: Universalist…show more content…
The regime in this case was pollution was affecting the landscape, thus the solution to this is the rise of new innovations that will be more efficient, reducing the need for people to travel farther to get access to shops and towns, and improving the current modes of travel so as to lessen their impact on the
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