Sustainability: Corporate Social Responsibility

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Sustainability is part of the core values of the firm and ExxonMobil viwes CSR as a key componenet of sustainable development as shown in the figure above. In order to achieve this, the firm adopted 8points strategies that guide and measure the firm’s commitment to good corporate citizenship. These strategies include:
• Integration
• Investment and cost discipline
• Operational excellence
• Portfolio management
• Project execution
• Risk management
• Technology leadership
• World-class workforce

Figure 2: Exxon Mobile Foundation Program Source: Exxon Mobile Corporate Citizen Report (2015)
The figure above is an indication of how far the company has gone in her quest to be socially responsible. The firm has a foundation that gives grants
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There have been strong augument in favour CSR. It is beleve that it is of the best interest for organisations to have a conducive enviroment for its operation and ensure the business continues to be a going concern (Merchant, 2014). Most organisations are awear of this view point and are willing to lay down their guards. However, certain factors are militating against the sucessful implementations of CSR in the host communities. These factors serve as a challenges and it is discuss…show more content…
One of the important ingredients that promote CSR is political and social security. For instant in Nigeria, the rate at which Boko-Haram and Niger-Delta militant have taken over the nation is alarming. Ugwunwanyi and Ekene (2016) argued that insurgence has eaten so deep into the fabrics of the society to the extent that fear of bombing and kidnap has become the other of the day. Foreigners doing business in Nigeria sleep with one eyes open and do their business with fear, while does who intend coming into the country have totally jettisoned the idea into thin air. With this pathetic and horrible situation on ground, companies will find it very challenging to engage in CSR for fear of not maximizing profit which is to the detriment of its stakeholders and the organisation as a
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