Sustainability Development Problems

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The problems of the sustainability development in China Zhao Shijia ZHSWAAG.SZE Introduction Sustainability development is a goal, which all the countries in the world pay attention to; it also becomes one of the most important strategies in China. China as the one of the most powerful countries in the world, its sustainability development is limited by several elements. This report aims to introduce the problems, which restrict the development of the sustainability in China and the strategies they made to solve the problems. The main problems 1. Land resources China's land area of 9.6 million square kilometers, ranking third in the world, but the available land accounted for only 1/3 of the land area, the per capita possession of…show more content…
The sustainable development of agriculture is - ecological agriculture. Eco-agriculture is based on the ecological theory, which means in a certain region, organized and planned agricultural production. Protecting the natural resources and make the economic become efficiency. Therefore, ecological agriculture is the sustainable development of agricultural development. Ecological agriculture cannot only improve the environment but also can reduce the energy consumption and keep high economic efficiency. In order to solve the contradiction between economic development and the protection of the ecological environment, the international community and governments have put forward various development models and strategies over the years. Since the 1990s, two important concepts have been put forward in the world: Knowledge economy, one is the circular economy. Recycling economy is the inevitable choice to realize the sustainable development strategy. So the circular economy is very important. The three principles of the circular economy are a reduction, re-use, and resource-based. "Reduce" means to minimize the consumption of resources and waste in the course of production and service. "Recycling" means the continued use or repair, refurbishment or remanufacturing of the product or the disassembled parts, and the extension of the life cycle of the product as much as possible. "Recycling" means the maximum conversion of waste into resources. Recycling economy can reflect both the resource-saving and environment-friendly. So the circular economy is the inevitable choice of sustainable
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