Sustainability In The Olympics

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Our subject is about the relationship between marketing, sustainability and the Olympics. Marketing has an important place in every organisation, whatever the size of the organisation, it defines the market and the way to act in this market. Sustainability is also an important part of most of the organisations, it is considered as a duty regarding the society and the planet to act with respect to a long term plan. As some of the biggest events of the world, the Olympic Games have to meet this goal of sustainability using the marketing strategies and tools to make it right and make it work. This report explains how marketing make the Olympics Games sustainable. First we will define the important notions of the subject through a literrature review,…show more content…
- “Influence other businesses to adopt sustainable practices”
Be a major player in your industry for sustainability.
- Reduce the environmental impact.
Ecological part of the sustainable marketing.
What is the link between sustainability and the Olympic Games?
In 1999 the International Olympic Committee adopted the Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is a plan of action signed by 178 country leaders in 1992 to promote sustainable development. The international Olympic Committee adapted these 21 actions to fit the environment of the Olympic Games. According to the Olympic’s movement-Agenda 21 document 21 actions are put in place to improve the socio-economical conditions, preserve the environment and the natural resources and play a bigger role in sustainable development. They are as follow:
1) Improving socio-economic conditions
2) The values of Olympism and its action on behalf of sustainable development
3) Stronger international cooperation for sustainable developmen
4) Combating exclusion
5) Changing consumer habits
6) Health protection
7) Human habitat and settlements
8) Integrating the concept of sustainable development into sports policies
9) Methodology of environmental action for the Olympic
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During the construction phase a lot of wild dogs got used to live in the city. They fed themselves with the food left by the workers. Not long before the beginning of the Olympic games the workers left the sites but the dogs did not and the Russian government was scared that spectators could encounter them. To “delete” this problem, they hired a private company. Alexei Sorokin, the company owner explained that they had to catch the dogs and do whatever they wanted with them. He did not want to explain more about the treatment reserved to the dogs.
Some associations who support the animals right in Russia tried to save the most number of dogs. But they simply had few days to do it and this time was to short to save every dog in Sochi. We can easily guess what did happen to this dogs.
As the title of the website Sheltongrp says from Sochi, was a “sustainability failure on a global level”. In fact it was the opposite of what they promised. The country did not meet any of their objectives. Concerning the environmental impact, the building process caused huge damages on the area, illegal dumping of waste, they blocked some animals migration routes and they killed numerous dogs. The dead-line was not
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