Organic Agriculture Sustainability Essay

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The goal of organic agriculture is to contribute to the enhancement of sustainability. But what does sustainability mean? In the context of agriculture, sustainability refers to the successful management of agricultural resources to satisfy human needs while at the same time maintaining or enhancing the quality of the environment and conserving natural resources for future generations. Sustainability in organic farming must therefore be seen in a holistic sense, which includes ecological, economic and social aspects.
The organic agriculture techniques are known as ecological sustainable by
• Improving soil structure and fertility through the use of crop rotations, organic manure, mulches and the use of fodder legumes for adding nitrogen to the soil fertility cycle.
• Prevention of soil erosion and compaction by protecting the soil planting mixed and relay crops.
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Organic exports are sold at impressive premiums, often at prices 20% higher than the same products produced on non-organic farms. Under the right circumstances the market returns from organic agriculture can potentially contribute to local food security by increasing family incomes. Entering this lucrative market is not easy. Farmers require hiring an organic certification organization to annually inspect and confirm that their farms and businesses adhere to the organic standards established by various trading partners. During the conversion period to organic management, which lasts 2 to 3 years, farmers cannot sell their produce as “organic” and thus, tap price premiums. This is because consumers expect organic produce to be free of residues. However, according to the Codex Guidelines on Organically Produced Food (2007), products produced on land under organic management for at least one year, but less than the two-three year requirement could be sold as “transition to organic”; but very few markets have developed for such

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