The Role Of Sustainability In Organizations

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Industry leaders as well as corporate leaders nowadays are encompassing sustainability not just because they are socially responsible, but also because sustainability brings advantages and opportunities to be competitive on the market. The projects, as a form of corporate activities, are a beginning to be a dominating force throughout all industries. This generates the opportunity for project leaders to help organizations to integrate practices of sustainable development in order to achieve the their strategic sustainability goals throughout the whole manufacture chain from the practices used in production to delivering the end product. A vital principle of sustainability is an effective use of resource, which every great project manager must undoubtedly be concerned about. In this short essay I will conduct a short questionnaire study among project team members in our company in order to assess the level of awareness with sustainable development definitions and practices within the company. Also I will…show more content…
“Sustainability requires that we pay attention to the entire life cycles of our products and to the specific and changing needs of our customers” (Elkington, 2004). Only if business plays a principal part – then the sustainability may be achieved. While companies are being forced to show their commitment to sustainability corporate social responsibility (CSR) by regulations, market or shareholders, and modify accordingly their reporting actions and strategies in order to implement them properly, the focus must be in small details. It’s essential for each individual within the company to perform their part. But this will only occur there is a requirement for employees, especially in project teams to “accept that the responsibility for tackling these problems is theirs” (Harris,
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