Sustainability Reflection

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Throughout this course, I have gained a better understanding of sustainability education, the issues facing teaching sustainability and solutions to incorporating sustainability into the classroom. Sustainability education is the ability of individuals to become more aware of their environment and gain the knowledge, skills, values and experiences that will allow them to solve environmental problems. I personally gained sustainable knowledge, skills, values, and experiences in this course. My knowledge of sustainability now expands to include a wide range of topics from waste management, farm to table eating, corporate farming, to the Canadian context of sustainability. Overall, the main piece knowledge I gained is that humans have the greatest impact on the environment we are destroying the planet, but we can also save it. My skills have expanded, I can now teach sustainability using drama, such as through skits or improv. I learned that using drama to teach sustainability encourages positive attitudes in students, allows children to explore different roles and sides of different sustainability issues to expand their understanding, improve communication and collaboration in combating environmental issues, and helps students think creatively and critically on how they can change the world. Moreover, my values have shifted, I am more conscious of the decisions I make and how they will impact the earth. This is connected to one critical thinking moment I had during class
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