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The Sustainable Architecture Of Shophouses, George Town, Penang Case Study: Sun Yat Sen Museum Akram Zwain1, Azizi Bahauddin1 1School of Housing, Building & Planning, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 USM, Pulau Pinang, MALAYSIA. Penang, a city in northern part of the Peninsular Malaysia has been added to the UNESCO 's world heritage list in 2008, to acknowledge its rich cultural heritage constituted of unique architectural components and cultural townscape. Vernacular shophouses in Georgetown, are one of these cultural heritage that has been well studied to understand their importance in the cultural and environmental heritage values context. However, in spite of all this architectural and cultural values, recent modern shophouses in Malaysia…show more content…
It is observed that there are many architectural aspects that could be explored in further details to be documented as part of research studies. The idea of this study is to zoom in to details on how the exploitation of heritage helps to educate people all over the world about the architectural and cultural. The combination of multiple traditional architectures such as Chinese, English colonial as well as Malay architecture has influenced the uniqueness of eclectic style which could be distinguished from the local architecture. There are many ways could be employed so as to understand the details of the remaining components of the sustainable architecture in the vernacular shophouse and their heritage. Sun Yat Sen Museum has been chosen to become a case study in this paper. This museum which was built around 1880 is situated in George Town, Penang. One of the methods used in this study is through visual data collection. This method had been carried out by observing the entire architectural orginial elements available in this museum.This is important so as to fully understand about sustainable architecture elements remaining of shophouses . Apart from that, interviews with the owner of this museum had also been conducted so as to support the data collected visually. This in turn has helped to gather most of the useful information…show more content…
Instead, it is more of a historic house museum with an educational display about Sun Yat Sen in Penang, emphasizing the cultural significance of that episode to the history of George Town, Penang. At the moment, the different themes of the house (Sun Yat Sen history, family history, traditional house museum) are spatially ordered so that the exhibition on Dr. Sun Yat Sen occupies the front part of the house Figure 4. The second hall, which is the most heavily furnished, is mainly dedicated to the Ch’ng family. The museum kitchen displays traditional cooking implements associated with the role of women in a Baba- Nyonya

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