Sustainable Construction Materials

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Field of Research: My field of research is with respect to structural engineering and materials in the department of civil engineering and the main focus of my research will be “an experimental investigation of sustainable construction materials (made by using of local available waste products) in construction”. The concept of Sustainable buildings/Green building construction materials has gained rapid momentum in the past few years in the world, many environmental policies and laws are in favour of sustainable development and introducing sustainable materials in green building constructions. Most of commercial, residential green buildings have come up with effective use of sustainable building materials and many are yet to come.
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Studies have shown that increases in use of sustainable construction materials in green buildings result in decreases in lower maintenance and energy costs provided sustainable building practices. The need for leadership in energy conservation and related environmental performance has never been greater— not only as a means to further our own interests, but as a way to serve the interests of society at large…show more content…
Up-front sustainability studies allow energy efficient technology and environmentally responsible sustainable construction material selection to be integrated into the basic design of buildings without compromising program needs. It also avoids sustainable features becoming optional add-ons. This is important because add-ons are often cut at the eleventh hour to reduce construction costs. Even if they are not cut, added-on technologies tend to have compromised performance since they often work against rather than with other aspects of the building. This investigation provide solutions for improving energy efficiency and other aspects of environmental performance without compromising program needs.
About my knowledge on building performance where I did my M.Tech. Dissertation work and I have been thought to working on integrating components such as Building Planning, Energy Analysis with the help of post occupancy study, various cooling/heating systems, Sustainable Design and cost effectiveness along with BIM. We had collaboration with University of Twente students as a part of course work in master degree and successfully we completed Architectural and Structural Design of Health Habitat Centre located at Netherlands and Additionally we performed Energy analysis and MEP for the same
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