Sustainable Development And Environmental Protection In India

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Sustainable Development and Environment Protection in India
Abstract- Development comes from industrialization . Industries directly contribute to environment degradation. The increase in population has its own pressure on the environment .
The result is degradation of environment at alarming rate .The deforestation, global warming land, air and water pollution, extinction of flora and fauna are the results of environment degradation. The principle of sustainable development balances the conflict between development and healthy environment. Sustainable development strikes a balance between environment protection and factors responsible for environmental degredation. Sustainable development helps to secure an environment fit to live for the future generations. The right of the future generations over pollution free environment is recognized under sustainable development. The States are under an obligation to take effective steps for its protection. Legislative measures, as well as the role of Judiciary regarding its implementation becomes very crucial.
Introduction- The Indian culture and religion reflect the respect and concern for environment protection and conservation. The lives of people in India are invariably influenced and shaped by the environment of which they are a part. However, recently industrial development and population explosion has resulted in the environmental degradation to dangerous levels. The result is deforestation, wildlife extinction and other
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