Essay On Overpowering Mankind

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“The world has enough for everyone 's need, but not enough for everyone 's greed.”
Mahatma Gandhi Human like all the other species can be called as a child of mother earth but the moment he developed his powers using mother earth for more than the basic needs he became a plunderer but human say we are doing this for growth, for development and for sustainability. But time shows a different scenario and shocking equation. The equation says that our earth is 4.6 billion years old, scaling it to 46 years human has been here for 4 hours in these four hours man evolved and grew step by step and industrial revolution began just 1 minute ago and in that time we’ve destroyed more than 50 percent of the world’s forests. Can this be called sustainable
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We, human beings are selfish, all the where we are today is because of our unending needs, we think that we need to cut trees, extract minerals, generate electricity, collect data, etc. for a better future for ourselves but are we actually going to live forever or we are gone busy utilizing these in manufacturing computers, and other gadgets where technology has started overpowering us. We are also cutting our jobs and replacing those with automatic machines. We have been plundering our planet to the limit, to boost machines’ to work and last long. We are collecting data to teach A.I., A.I. is fed on knowledge of the planet.
We look around today, only to realise how dependent we are on the technology Humans created and are using A.I. to make life easy but A.I. is making its own future easy by using us.
A.I. is being more efficient and more intelligent, it might just turn to be the fittest and as Charles Darwin said and accordingly survive better than humans.
To conclude I only want to say that excessive use of anything can move towards the destruction of us. It doesn’t matter what we are using, it could be our creator Mother Nature or our own creation A.I.
Nature teaches us to balance we should learn it timely, either way, nature itself will
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