Sdg's Sustainable Development Goals

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Sustainable development goals are goals that are much more detailed than the Millennium Development Goals. Previously, in the MDG’s there were only 8 goals which seems to be the base line for the SDG’s. The SDG’s are much more all-inclusive, by splitting each of the MDG’s into smaller goals, thus creating 17 goals in total. The SDG’s did not seem to cover all of the issues, while, as the MDG’s does seem to be covering the majority of the global problems.

Goal 1: End poverty in all of its forms everywhere
Poverty reduction is the greatest global challenge currently in this world today and an essential requirement for sustainable development. For humankind, a world free from hunger and poverty still seems to be just a dream. Though, compared
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To devise a successful human management programme in which all staff to follow right up from the board to the bottom of the hierarchy level, communication is essential. And as a society as a whole the best way to treat people of both genders fairly is to stop caring about gender. Society in general does not seem to be concerned about gender inequality; hardly understanding what gender inequality is even about. So, advertising would be another way to let the community to be aware of gender inequality. Being a man or woman must never be a reason to be allowed or disallowed to do something. Having better managerial skills, more muscle mass, or if having maternity leave causes a big and uncorrectable problem - those are good reasons to be allowed or disallowed to do something. Even if that means people from one sex are more prone to being disallowed than others, or even the only ones. Additionally, another way to create fair gender equality is to remove the sex of a person from as many laws as possible - only purely one-sex issues may contain people 's sex, or issues specifically about someone 's…show more content…
Productive and lucrative employment can also help ensure that people in poverty share in the benefits of economic growth. Employment develops the people in poverty by giving them the chance of ‘maturing’ themselves, by having a job they allow themselves to transform themselves as a brand new person.
The solution is to provide equal opportunities to everyone. Ensuring that there is universal access to economic opportunities that promote lives and basic social services, as well as special efforts to facilitate access to opportunities and services for the disadvantaged. This means that regardless of how much money you possess, or how expensive education is, everyone should have the chance of taking advantage of it, if they are intelligent enough. Ability should be the only thing you are judged on when it comes to higher education. If you are capable enough, you should be admitted in, and then be supported by the government by government support (in the form of loans) for both pay for the education, and to support living costs. We need to expand opportunities to enable people living in poverty to enhance their overall capacities and improve their economic and social conditions. There needs to be a combination of resources, support, empowerment, and education and employment opportunities for individuals living in poverty to develop their lives to the fullest
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