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Assignment: Economics of Sustainable Development Issues of Sustainable Development (C-303) Assigned by Mohammad Ehsanul Kabir Prepared By Sujoy Barua - 13112002 August 13, 2014 Dhaka School of Economics Introduction: Environment sustainability index measures the performance of a countries environmental condition due to the socio economic and environmental degradation by the natural and human made. Due to the economic progress the drawing out of natural resources and its uses create the scarcity of the resources. Pollution increase which leads to the environment vulnerable. The ESI index plays an essential role to measure the current scenario of the environmental state in different countries. The ESI characterize and…show more content…
This indicator used to measure the economic progress and standard of living of a country. The environment provides the raw materials, energy and other resources serves as a production and consumption. As a result human action takes places for sustain the basic life support. The increasing growth rate of GDP measures that’s natural resources is extracted. According to the table the Bangladesh has the highest GDP $129.9 billion among the rest of the LDCs countries. Liberia has the lowest GDP earnings at $1.951 billion. Liberia ESI score is very close to Bangladesh’s score. The second highest GDP scorer is Sudan and their ESI score at 35.9. Sudan’s rank in the ESI scores at 140 position. That reveals that Sudan doesn’t care the environmental and health in economy is growing at the cost of its environment and their…show more content…
Utilizing territory comparability, it plans to express the amount of nature's "investment" we are as of now appropriating. On the off chance that more bio productive area and ocean is needed than what is accessible, then it is conceivable to accept that the rate of utilization is not feasible. Then again, if everybody existed inside their earth share, we would expend just to the extent that the planet can give. Ecological footprint provides the aggregate consumption of a wide range of resources both energy and materials and used to compare the resource consumption with natural available resources to indicate the level of consumption is sustainable. An extensive variety of vitality and material assets, ecological footprint could be utilized to pose as a viable rival the total asset proficiency of delivering comparable items. Ecological footprint can demonstrate which one, generally speaking, are the most assets productive. This might be valuable in recognizing and empowering best practice in asset proficiency, or in mind full obtainment forms. This ought to be of enthusiasm to strategy producers and business help programs at the territorial, national and worldwide levels. Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Sudan using more natural resources for their economic progress. Although

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