Sustainable Development: Climate Change, And Diversity

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There are a lot of definitions to explain what is sustainable development, but the most famous definition is this one: "Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." For example, a business will want to pay their workers cheaper so they have a bigger profit, but the workers, they want good and acceptable wages. Those two needs conflict with each other.And if you have to chose one of those two needs, there will be consequences. Sustainable development is also that people have to care about the Earth. “Humanity must take no more from nature than nature can replenish". This phrase says that need to have a lifestyle that respects and works with the nature 's limits. There is a lot of issues and subjects that involve sustainable development: Climate change, migration, water, science, technology, transportation, oceans, health, energy, economy, education atmosphere… The subjects that are going to be explained and developed in this paper are going to be climate change, migration, and biodiversity.


Migration is a topic that involves sustainable development. Migrations caused a lot of issues such like lack of employment opportunities. Countries try to impose policies that try to reduce migration. But still migration has been rising for those past decades all around the world. There are 214 million of migrants in the world (2008), plus 740 million internal migrants (2009). Although

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