Sustainable Development In Developing Countries

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The economic and development disparity between the developed and developing countries is a major concern. The people living in a developing nation should have an equal opportunities to lead healthy and successful lives. Economic security without harming the environment and preserving it for the future generations, should be the goal of development. The idea of such sustainable development was highlighted for the first time in the 1922 Rio Earth Summit. The summits objective was to agree on the best and most efficient ways to ensure development as well as save the environment and reduce its deterioration.
Today after many conferences and discussions, sustainable development stands for development recognizing the interdependence of humans and
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This is because it ensures equality in the environmental context which in turn leads to sustainable development. It also makes the economy of the country healthier, thus creating more jobs, business opportunities, etc. when the country is economically stable then it can also take care of the welfare of its people and also help in providing them proper education and sanitation facilities for the present as well as the future generations.

This element recognizes the need to make decisions while take both the environment and the economic conditions into consideration. While doing so we may find that a lot of them are conflicting with one another but they should be dealt with open mindedness and a solution should be found for this. It requires the proper understanding of the various topics and also full knowledge about the situation. Once we have this the final decision should be made in a way which upholds the human rights of the people and gives them a pleasant environment to live in.

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We need to have a sense of empowering the society as a whole and not focus only on one section of the society. Like natyre provides equally for all we must also help each other develop as countries. This sense of social solidity is useful in a long run. Thus the concept of equity holds a very important place in the concept of sustainable development as it forms the foundation of development in the truest of sense.

Without environmental protection, development cannot sustain. Environmental security is a part of sustainable development without which development cannot be a holistic thing. As we are already aware that the environment forms a very important part of our lives, it depends on us whether we want to protect it or abuse it. The concept of sustainable development came about as a method to protect the environment from ever increasing mistreatment by humans.
The linkage between these two concepts goes back to the conception of knowledge about sustainable development itself. The concept of sustainable development came at a time when the exploitation of the earth was at its peak. In spite of the fact that natural resources are limited, human beings continued to exploit it to a life-threatening extent. Thus, Rio conference and other conferences came about to emphasise the relationship between these two
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