Sustainable Development In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Sustainable development is when the country conforms to its present needs without interfering with the future generations’ ability to fulfill their own needs. Sustainable development is often measured by socioeconomic, environmental and political indicators, including poverty rate, education, natural resources, clean water, peace, justice and equality. In his novel “Animal Farm”, George Orwell presents an exemplar of a society governed by animals, which act as an allegory of humans. Throughout the course of the novel, the author explicates the degree to which the farm is sustainably developed in accordance with the societal, environmental, political and economic conditions. A sustainably developed country would often be managed by a proper governance system that imposes certain measures, which the rulers must adhere to. Political decisions would be decided upon based on a democratic system, where no voice is neglected. As well, the citizens would be granted equal rights in areas such as education and healthcare, and would be subject to the same rules. In “Animal Farm”, the farm is presided over by pigs, particularly Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer, who represent the intellects in human society, since they are the only literate animals. The three pigs set 7 commandments that all animals must abide by. All animals are supposed to be equal. However, it becomes prevalent that pigs dominate over the rest of the animals. The three pigs in power prove to be extremely

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