Sustainable Development In Urban Development

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A broad coverage of literature on various factors that could create a framework in designing commercialization area will be discussed in each of this section. A sustainability of transportation concept will be discussed in which light rapid transit will be one of the option to maintain its concern. Following to the answer of sustainability concern in the new transportation system, Transit-oriented Development concept will be presented in order to answer cost efficient issue in city planning. Thus is expected to brought the issue into a bigger stage which involving city plan as a whole system that could support the concept of sustainability. Hereinafter, a case in commercialization design of Transit-oriented Development will be discussed to…show more content…
Being the vital part of the development, the activities of economy is believed as a motor in growth of economy or development itself [3]. The relation then being tangled with environment aspect that playing as the most important part in sustainability concept. After fulfilling both concern, a development will produce then a social impact. Transportation in this chain has a role to create access-ability to resources and markets in order to assist the economic growth and later on, social development. The case then again being tangled with side effect that transportation has such as safety, congestion, pollution and non-renewable resources. The concept of sustainable development has been a critical issue in developing countries when planning and constructing future transportation system that could afford those three main concerns [7]. Technology advancement come to answer the needs of more efficient transportation system with several option. One of the technology created is light rapid transit which is a more generic term used to describe modern urban public transportation…show more content…
An effective plan will project a clear time frame and strategy of implementation including investment and infrastructure improvement that later on will be a funding sources. To design the area, an input from community needs is important to help set the standard and expectation before construction is started. Community support is also mentioned as one of the factor that could determine the successful of TOD implementation in the city. If the community member in TOD area say they will support the commercial plan, then the market could be passed into the neighborhood successfully. Beside a well planned design of the TOD area, rail-based system company and realtors should consider what community needs in TOD area

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