Sustainable Development: The Concept Of Sustainable Development

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Define the concept sustainable development and discuss a qualitatively different triple bottom line approach advocated by the underlining drivers for sustainable development Sustainable development is the development that ensures that the needs for present generations are satisfied without affecting the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs too (Brundtland Commission, 1987). The main aim of sustainable development is to control the current generations to preserve resources or use the available environment while saving it for the future generations, in simple terms current generations should use the environment responsible. Blowers (2013) mentioned that the environmental protection is the critical part of sustainable development…show more content…
Taking a close look to each dimension firstly economic or profit, this is the reason for every business we see around us. One or several people can say this is what drives life or basically it what drives them, we live to make money either during a day or night and then live a better life. Social or people aspect it involves people, their well-being, quality of life, satisfaction of their needs and their health. Environmental or planet this can be best explained as the major tool or most important thing ever happed for men kind, planet provide every resource to every business on earth surface and also provide direct resources to human to use without processing (Harris,…show more content…
Six goals were proposed this include, G1 Thriving lives and livelihoods: aiming at equality among people based on quality of living which can be achieves through access to education which equals to employment then better health. G2 sustainable food security: aiming at ending hunger, providing good nutrition through sustainable production of needs. G3 sustainable water security: enable access to clean water through high management of water resources. G4 universal clean energy: providing energy that has less pollution and low resource consumption. G5 healthy and productive ecosystems: providing good management of ecosystem through conservation. G6 governance of sustainable societies: governance to ensure that sustainable development goals are achieved (Griggs at el.,2013). Through all the above goals good or perfect relationship between the triple bottom line is achieved resulting to achievement of sustainable development. For instance, through wind energy profit is made from a wind energy company, people are employed and get payed and in return the environment is not damage, planet is saved for future

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