Sustainable Development: The Environment's Effect On The Environment

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The rapid increase of natural resources being exhausted and the over population and pollution on the environment has imposed negative impacts on the earth’s capacity ( ). Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present generation without limiting the future generations to meet their own needs ( ). Sustainable development is used in the sense of human activity sustainability on earth and it is exists within an ecosystem that is capable of sustaining humans and their activities for a prolonged period of time ( ). The paper focuses on ideas of sustainable development by looking at what makes up the term sustainable development. Firstly the paper defines sustainability. It then discusses how the term sustainable development…show more content…
Furthermore, sustainability is about living within the means of our natural systems, the environment and ensuring that our lifestyles do not harm other peoples cultures and societies ( ). Increasing our lifestyles means that we are placing more pressure onto the natural system. However sustainable development focuses on how human interactions with the natural environment can be improved and…show more content…
Therefore, sustainable development is important to ensure that the environmental, economic and the social components are providing a healthy and a meaningful life for all humans ( ). In addition, sustainable development aims to balance the environmental, economic and social needs to work together in harmony, allowing prosperity for the needs of present and future generations ( ). Sustainability consists of long term, integrated approaches to developing and achieving progress within the social and economic components that will not exhaust the earth’s limited natural resources. Furthermore, sustainable development encourages humans to avoid over consumption of natural resources through conserving and enhancing their natural resources and by changing the ways in which the use and development of technologies are produced ( ). Moreover, the basic needs such as food, water, sanitation, employment and shelter should be met in a sustainable manner for a defined level of a population ( ). Sustainable development is important in order to reduce poverty, hunger and population, the standards of health care and to improve education ( ). It also aims to achieve gender equality, sustainable economic growth while promoting jobs and better economies. Without sustainable development they would be more major factors

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