Sustainable Education Perspective

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Sustainable Education and Perspectives
EDU 20005
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Executive Summary The school has slowly and steadily increased the awareness among the students and the faculty for environmental education and sustainability. This was a plan that had been developed by the environmental sustainability committee in the year2010. We have met all the targets for 2020 and it is appropriate to place the vision for environmental sustainability in education for the next 10 years from 2020 to 2030. The visions and the achievements of the Environmental Sustainability Leadership for this K -6 school is presented in the report. The report
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Today in 2020 the Environmental Sustainability Leadership hopes to show the achievements and the successful completion of all the goals and objectives that has been placed in the plan and improve upon them with a new vision for including sustainability in education for the next 10 years till 2030. The focus of environmental education for the next ten years will be on goal oriented learning since the issues in sustainability are not fixed and socially – constructed issues which exchange over a period of time. These changes lead to changes in the targets set for sustainability education for the students. Increasing sustainability through eco literate students and future generations should not be the target and focus of the Sustainabilty education leadership only but it should be a challenge for the school in totality. Some of the issues that affect the rapid learning of sustainability in the school environment are the need to understand the professional subjects that students need to earn a living by and sustainability takes a back seat when it is taught to students in terms of hundreds of years of depletion. The issues that cannot be fully addressed even in teaching environmental education are the growth in population, unsustainable production levels, unsustainable consumption practices and the need to lower such obstacle…show more content…
Eco liberate is derived from this literacy where individuals are able to comprehend the needs of nature and use the principles of ecological balance to sustain the human communities and other life form communities on the planet while preserving the natural resources of the planet. (Stone,2009) The purpose is to create a sustainable society which will not destroy the natural resources of the planet on which life depends. It is a powerful concept and the foundation of the integrated approach that is used to solve the environmental problems that have been identified. Several different types of interventions are used to make students and people eco – literate these are system thinking that provides the empirical analyses of the condition of natural resources on earth, a holistic view based on universal data of the environment and complexities that need to be resolved. The paradigm of eco literacy is used as a new educational paradigm for educating students in school about the

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