Sustainable Engineering: The Role Of Engineering In Sustainable Engineering

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Introduction The sustainable engineering is a wide range topic and it may be considered in various ways. So, citing the definition of starting point of this concept is suitable here. 'Humanity has the ability to make development sustainable - to ensure that it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. ' From our common future (The Brundtland Report) - report of the 1987 world Commission on environment and development. More than 30 years have elapsed since the publication of our common future, the world has been increasingly recognised the need for sustainability. We are exceeding the capacity of the planet to provide many of the resources we…show more content…
A purely environmental approach is insufficient, and increasingly engineers are required to take a wider perspective including goals such as poverty alleviation, social justice and local and global connections. Globalisation brings important opportunities for engineers to promote change through sharing experience and good practice. The leadership and influencing role of engineers in achieving sustainability should not be under-estimated. Increasingly this will be as part of multi-disciplinary teams that include non-engineers, and through work that crosses national…show more content…
The principles related to economical & social sustainability are as follows: Offer individuals and communities the opportunity to increase their capabilities Know your "needs" and "wants." Put primary focus on achieving needs of larger number of individuals Allocate in a fair manner benefits and costs related to economic activity and public policies Maintain a positive genuine long term investment considering all types of capital The principles related to environmental & social sustainability are as follows: Ensure that all material and energy inputs and outputs are as inherently safe and benign as possible Look beyond your own locality and the immediate future Preserve access to ecosystems services essential to health and wellbeing Preserve biodiversity and respect all life forms regardless of how useful they are to humankind The principles related to environmental & economical sustainability are as follows: Stay within ecosystem 's carrying capacity in terms of resource development and waste assimilation Develop closed cycles of operation and consumption to minimize waste Offset the use of non-renewable resources by investments in renewable substitutes Stimulate innovation to facilitate the adaption of more efficient and greener

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