Sustainable Entrepreneurship Essay

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The sustainable entrepreneurship concept has gained importance over recent years. The concept of sus-tainable entrepreneurship was derived from sustain-able development concept, which can be defined as the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce, their families, local communities, the society and the world at large as well as future generations (Gagnon 2012). It links sustainable development with business activities. And this relationship has been dealt with through various ways of thinking, and re-sulted in the appearing of new types of entrepre-neurs, called as ecopreneur or social entrepreneur (Wu, Huarng 2015). What is the difference…show more content…
The main differences between these con-cepts. Ecopreneurship Social en-trepreneurship Institu-tional en-trepreneurship Sustaina-ble entre-preneurship
Main mo-tivation Solving the envi-ronmental problems together with eco-nomic value cre-ation Solving social problems and create a value for population Contribute to changing regu-latory, so-cial and market in-stitutions Contribu-tion through solving social and environ-mental problems together with a successful business activity
The main purpose Raising money by solving the envi-ronmental problems Achieve the social goals and secure funding Changing the institu-tions Influenc-ing the SD through entrepre-neurial corporate activities

The role of eco-nomic goals Ends Means Ends or means Ends and
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But is some studies an “environmental entrepreneurship” can be found (Okwiet 2013). So many various terms cause that, at present, there is no universally accept-ed definition on sustainable entrepreneurship and in the literature many definitions proposed by many re-searchers can be found. Definition given by Majid and Koe, describes sustainable entrepreneurship as an entrepreneurial process to exploit the opportuni-ties in an innovative manner for economic gains, so-ciety equity, environmental quality and cultural preservation on an equal foting (Majid, Koe 2012). Another definition given by Dean and McMullen says: sustainable entrepreneurship is the process of discovering, evaluating, and exploiting economic opportunities that are present in market failures which detract from sustainability, including those that are environmentally relevant (Dean, McMullen 2007). S. Graham describes it as the process of sus-taining a level of entrepreneurial development as to create a paradigm shift in economic activity such that national GDP, job growth, capital investment, technology advancement, and quality of life is un-matched, unsurpassed and unequalled. And the hu-man population should strive through local, state and national efforts to seek to establish an economic mentality that is strategically focused on entrepre-neurship and
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